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awaiting the outcome of this election. >> pelley: nancy, we were talking in the newsroom today about major cabinet changes that are expected. >> reporter: that's right. two of the president's top cabinet secretaries have indicated they would like to step down at the end of this first term, secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary tim geithner. now they won't be likely leaving right away. the president will have to choose successors and they will have to go through senate confirmation hearings so it could be the start of the new year before they debart. >> pelley: nancy, thanks very much. we mentioned a moment ago that florida is undecided. here there. in his victory speech last night, the president said that he had "the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics." you could forgive him for the hyperbole, but there is no arguing with the success. here's dean reynolds. >> (laughs) four more years, baby. >> reporter: in ohio, the foot soldiers of the obama campaign packed up today and headed back to their lives. volunteers from as far away as washington, d.c
until wednesday, the day after the presidential election. >> pelley: nancy, thanks very wch. we're joined by senior correspondent john miller, who's been talking to his sources on the story. john, why would the f.b.i. be investigating the communications of the director of the c.i.a.? >> normally that wouldn't be the case. ikat is much more likely here is nica the communications of someone else-- possibly in a foreign country that are now touching the c.i.a. director's communications-- would rise to their attention. and then what happens here is they're looking at these messages and they seem to be cryptic in nature, which raises the question, all right, well, who is this person, what are these communications about, why are they cryptic? that's how the snowball rolls .own the hill. e> >> pelley: so in the normal seurse of business the f.b.i. and counterintelligence is looking for penetration of the c.i.a. and its communications systems? >> exactly. o have it on this level is not elly extraordinarily rare it's unprecedented. >> pelley: i wonder if your sources are telling you abou
since being re-elected. scott. >> pelley: tomorrow afternoon. nancy, thank you very much. the votes are still being counted from the presidential election. on. us show you where the r voter vote stands tonight. of about 120 million votes cast, lee president is leading by less than 3 million votes. but, of course, president obama has already won the electoral vote, so nothing will change the outcome now. china is also changing hisdership this month. inday, china's communist party began a meeting that is held once every 10 years during which duringople will be told who heir new leaders are. that leadership has to manage a ge aa that is evolving into a nation of haves and have-nots and bill whitaker is reporting tonight from beijing. >> reporter: the opening of the congress, a choreographed spectacle of power and pride, but outgoing president hu jintao told the assembled delegation hee communist party's greatest success, china's economic development, has created one of its greatest threats-- a growing divide between rich and poor. on one side of the divide, huang nubo, a 56-year-old bi
-month investigation by the f.b.i. was wrapped up just days before the election. in the end, agents did not find any evidence of an intelligence breach. y evead they uncovered the tawdry personal affair that brought down c.i.a. chief david petraeus. it started as a low-level cyber investigation in tampa, florida. jill kelley, a socialite, who's cine fund-raising for the u.s. military, told a friend in the .b.i. that she'd received a series of anonymous harassing e- mails. agents quickly traced those e- mails to a former military intelligence officer paula broadwell, the author of the biography "all in. the education of general david edtraeus." o further investigation turned up numerous e-mails, some of them sexually explicit between broadwell and petraeus. at first blush, investigators wondered if someone breached petraeus's private e-mail. investigators actually stumbled priv across an extramarital affair. in officials suspect broadwell sent those e-mails to kelley believing her to be a romantic rival. sources say when petraeus d arned of the messages he asked broadwell to stop sending them. ecame
house wasn't told until after the election. the president said the f.b.i. was following its own guidelines and he'd withhold judgment on the delayed notification. >> it is also possible that had we been told, then you'd be sitting here asking a question about why were you interfering in a criminal investigation? >> reporter: no one has been charged in case with a crime but late today the army did suspend paula broadwell's security clearance. scott. >> pelley: thanks, bob. the air force said today it is pulling jill kelly's gate pass for mcgill air force base. she was apparently given access there to facility her meetings for central command. two u.s. senators today told the president they will not allow him to make america's u.n. ambassador his new secretary of state. susan rice is widely mentioned as the replacement for secretary hillary clinton. but republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham said they questioned statements that rice made after four americans were killed in that september attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. it is within the power of a singl
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)